Our Lives, His Story

His Everlasting Arms

Listened to a sermon the other morning…it was actually the second time I had listened to it. Our pastor preached about Jesus calming the storm.

Here are some points to remember and truths to fill my mind with:

  • The storm is good because it reveals our lack of faith
  • Jesus is the sender of the storm and is good for sending it to us because it reveals our lack of faith
  • Without the storm our faith wouldn’t be strengthened
  • We can trust Him to use storms for our good and to strengthen our faith
  • Jesus has power to calm our storms
  • Jesus is powerful and we can trust Him
  • It is good to cry out to Jesus in the storm even if all you can cry out is “Jesus do you care?


Storm, trial, wrestling, darkness, pain, hopelessness, fear, anxiety, depressed, longing, waiting, missing, alone, and desperate. This is what my life has felt like at various times over the past couple years. Whether it’s been related to India, pregnancy, my children, family, community or my marriage, I’ve felt these feelings and emotions.  They’ve stuck around for quite a while.

Peace, joy, laughter, hope, a righteous anger, passion, strength, love, rest, beauty, refreshment, healing, being held by His grace. - I’ve felt these emotions and feelings at the same time over the past couple years. Let’s just say my emotions have swung to both sides of the pendulum…and they continue to swing. I’ve experienced some intense emotions and most of the time it’s not just one emotion I’m feeling.

At times the waves have felt like they were crashing over my head and I was about to drown. Other times I’ve felt like I’m just resting in the sweet sun listening to the beautiful waves crash against the shore. But the one thing that is constant in this storm is God. He is in control of the storm and He is with me in the storm. As my emotions run to and fro, I can rest on a firm foundation of truth…the truths I wrote above.

“There is none like God, O Jeshurun, who rides through the heavens to your help, through the skies in his majesty. The eternal God is your dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms.” Deut 33:26-27

Underneath me holding me up are His everlasting arms. No matter how hard it gets He is with me. There is no way I could do this without Him. I’m so thankful that He holds me up. He doesn’t let me drown. I’m protected and I’m safe. There is no way I’m slipping out of His hands; I’m His daughter and He won’t let me go.

  1. This sermon- and story- has been a huge gift to us, too. I cried as I read your post because I have felt many of the same emotions and it is so comforting to remember the truth. Thanks for writing this, friend.