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18 Ways Micaiah has changed my life

Howdy blogosphere, jordan here.

There are probably closer to 1800 ways that Micaiah has changed my life. As time goes on I am sure that number will only grow, but for now I will give you 18 (in no particular order).

  1. Greater appreciations for life – Its precious, it just is.
  2. Greater amazement of how God creates life – As I sought to understand Micaiah’s complications, I was amazed at all that happens as a baby is developing. I am convinced that it is a miracle any baby is born at all. God truly is knitting each baby in the womb as the scriptures say.
  3. Heaven is much closer – I can almost taste it and feel it and touch it. I try to imagine what Micaiah knows and is experiencing. It usually leaves me with more questions, but the reality of heaven is so much more real today than its ever been.
  4. Passion for the unborn – They are real people, even when they are in the womb, and even with fatal conditions. Walking through this past 9 months stirs me to fight for the unborn, to speak up when I can, and find any way that will help women choose life. I look forward to the day when I can lovingly, but very sternly, look into a young lady’s eyes and tell her about Micaiah and plead with her to spare her child. I pray that day comes soon.
  5. Mustard is better than Ketchup – This was one of the only food cravings that Lauren had while she was pregnant. I guess it wore off on me some, and it makes me think of Micaiah.
  6. ‘Jesus will make all things new’ has a very tangible meaning for me – I don’t know what all this will entail, but I do know this: Micaiah will be given new life, no more lacking, no more complications, no more tears and he’s gonna call me Dad.
  7. I want to help anyone who has lost a baby, or could lose a baby – Just this past week I talked with one couple who’s baby has a heart defect and also tried to be there for some other friends who lost their baby. I know the pain, the worry, the confusion and I would gladly do anything for these families. I think this will be part of our life-time ministry wherever we live.
  8. I want Jesus to return – This ties in with number 6, but it is when he returns that he will make all things right and new.
  9. I want to spend my life taking the news of Jesus to those who have never heard – Since this has to happen before Jesus returns, Micaiah is more fuel to the flame to share Jesus’s hope with all peoples.
  10. I feel closer to my wife – Though we have had a rough week or so, I still see how God has brought us closer through the last 9 months, and I am stinking proud of how she has walked through this.
  11. I want 15 children – Not really, but going through this has only increased my desire for ninos. Holding Micaiah was precious beyond words.
  12. I have a biblical understanding of why Babies are saved (eternally)
  13. I am much more aware that life is short - Micaiah’s life was three minutes long (at least outside the womb). James says that our life is but a vapor. I’m not guaranteed three more minutes or even three seconds, so I want this life to count.
  14. I can do all things through Christ – even walk through such great suffering. Before Micaiah was born, that verse seemed sunday-schoolized. It was so overly used I think the meaning was somewhat lost for me. I remember thinking during the week between Micaiah’s birth and his celebration: “how in the world are we able to do this?” God had given us such strength that was not our own to actually walk through it all. Grief had not completely crippled us. Depression had not defeated us. God was so clearly with us. I can’t imagine going through anything much worse than these last couple months. It has given me confidence, that whatever God has in store for us down the road, through Christ we can walk through it.
  15. I love seeing my wife with a big belly – that was how we spent most of our time with Micaiah, and I miss it.
  16. I can better comfort others – at least I hope I can. Going through this I have realized what is helpful and what isn’t. In the future, I hope to be a comfort to others in greater ways.
  17. Counseling is super helpful - Before Micaiah came into our lives, I had never gone to a counselor. Now we are doing it at least once a week, and it is soooo helpful. I have learned more about myself, seen weaknesses in our marriage, seen my sin, and been greatly helped through this grieving process because of counseling. I recommend it.
  18. The 8th and 17th are no ordinary days in September - The former is Micaiah’s birthday and the latter is the day we celebrated his life. Both mean a whole lot more today than in previous years.

There you go. One day I will get to share all of this with my son, and much more.

  1. Jordan, I can’t stop thinking about the ways Micaiah has changed your life. I like to think of our precious little Micaiah as being God’s little messenger. Micaiah’s life has reminded me how faithful God is, how big HE is and how much HE loves us. We are learning from our little man, just like John Piper’s message said, it’s a strange kind of home schooling where Micaiah has become the teacher. Micaiah is and always will be special . . . how blessed I am to be able to call him my grandson. How blessed you and Lauren to be his mom and dad. I love him and miss him too.

    • encouraged by your words Kathy. it truly is incredible how the little precious life of Micaiah has impacted so many lives. Through Micaiah i am reminded of how God cares for his children. he truly cares deeply. beyond what we can imagine. I too am so blessed to be his aunt.

  2. It’s so great to hear your thoughts. Thanks for sharing, friends.

  3. you are a wonderful daddy. love you so much