Our Lives, His Story

Happy Birthday Micaiah

Today is Micaiah’s one month birthday. Jordan and I went out to his grave site on Saturday. We got some coffee and flowers and spent some time out there. We cried and talked, read scripture and prayed. It was hard going out there but really good for us to do. I was anxious before we went and kinda emotional. It just makes it all more real going out there. But I think going helps with the healing process. I’m glad we went and did that together.

That was Saturday. We went on Saturday because we were in Arlington for the weekend. But now we are back in Austin and today is his actual birthday. I went on a walk this morning and listened to a sermon. The sermon was about the story of Joseph and how Joseph believed that God was in control over all the bad that had happened in his life. Joseph suffered a lot and didn’t see the fruit of it until later. He eventually was able to see God use his suffering to save many from a famine. I’m really hoping God uses Micaiah’s life in a Joseph kind of way. That his life and the suffering we have been through will be used in big ways for good and for God’s glory.

We have already been encouraged by the many people who have told us how they have been blessed by Micaiah’s life. I hope that we never stop hearing people say that. And I hope that through Micaiah’s life God reveals Himself in new ways to people and that many come to know and love Him as their Father.

Jordan and I celebrated tonight with a wonderful piece of pumpkin pie from a bakery down the street. We got some candles and lit one in honor of our son. I’m sure that our pumpkin pie doesn’t even compare with all the wonderful food Micaiah has tasted in heaven this past month and I can’t wait to get up there and enjoy some of it with him.


  1. I am so glad you guys are celebrating his life! Thank you for sharing this incredibly difficult (I can’t even imagine) journey with us. You all are still in our prayers. :) Micaiah’s life makes me look forward to the day when there are no more tears, no more separations…. Love you guys!

  2. I have NO doubt God will use all of this in a Joseph kind of way! I know waiting for it all to manifest is hard, but I excitedly anticipate seeing the Lord’s master plan for Micaiah’s life and death continue to unfold. Thank you for opening your heart and sharing so the rest of us can be blessed by your sweet boy and your Jesus too.

  3. Jordan and Lauren, it has been a blessing to read and hear all that y’all have journeyed through. So encouraging to know that He is healing and giving hope in this!! Such a beautiful prayer you had, that people may come to know the true Father through Micaiah’s life!
    Such an amazing thought that Micaiah knows the Father better than any of us now!

    I hope and pray that people who hear Micaiah’s story will receive the promised Blessing!

  4. Love “y’all” so much, praying, and Micaiah’s life IS an enormous blessing to me and so many others. You are making much of what the Lord has given you and in return He is making so, so, so much of Micaiah’s story to declare His faithfulness, tender love, and the power of His name to many people, more than we may ever realize on this earth. As you are journeying through this time with the Lord I see how these same qualities are resonating in your hearts as I read each post and it always brings such peace and hope to my heart. To know that Micaiah knows more joy than could ever be spoken, touched, tasted, and imagined on this earth brings such a smile to my face.

  5. Lauren & Jordan, Thank you so much for including us in your post. I know both of you are still struggling over the loss of your baby. Your testimony is such a blessing to so many people and I know God is using it for His good. So many in your family have commented about how much you have taught them. Praise God. Just keep looking up. God is still in control. I pray for your comfort daily. Donna Blalock